The Mobile World Capital Barcelona works to position Barcelona as a global digital hub reference. Its key partners are the GSMA, Barcelona, Catalan and Spain public institutions and a number of private sponsors. The MWCB collaborates closely with the GSMA for the annual Mobile World Congress organization and broadens its impact with a number of local initiatives and events throughout the year.

Alastria is the first multisectorial consortium promoted by organizations and institutions for the establishment of a semi-public Blockchain/DLT infrastructure, supporting services with legal effectiveness in the Spanish scope and according with European regulation. The consortium is open to any organization that wishes to have available a fundamental tool for the development of its own Blockchain/DLT strategy with the aim of distributing and organizing products and services for the Spanish market. Alastria can be summarized as a semipublic, independent, permissioned and neutral Blockchain/DLT network, designed to be accordant with the existent regulation, that enables the associates to experiment these technologies in a cooperative environment.

Quo Artis is an international non-profit foundation that seeks to establish connections between art, science and technology through the collaborative work of professionals in these fields. We aim to add value to society and culture by encouraging the creation of interdisciplinary and innovative projects.