Quantum World Association is an independent non-for-profit organization, whose purpose is to support its close community of members, bringing together companies in the field of quantum technologies and services.


Oscar Sala

Oscar Sala

Chairman of the Board, QWA


Michele Mosca

Michele Mosca



Josep M. Vilà

Josep M. Vilà

Entanglement Partners


Gregoire Ribordy

Gregoire Ribordy



Simon Devitt

Simon Devitt




Victor Canivell

Victor Canivell

Managing Director


1981 – Physicists meeting, led by Richard Feynman, in MIT. The basis of quantum computing are set.

2002 – ICFO is founded (Read more).

2012 – Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder) and CIA’s investment arm (In-Q-Tel) invert in D-Wave Systems, the company that’s working on the first quantum computer (Read more).

2012 – A particle is sent from the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos (island of La Palma) to Tenerife (Read more).

2013 – Ignacio Cirac wins the Wolf Prize in Physics, the most prestigious awards after the Nobel Prize (Read more).

2013 – Google and NASA found the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab in California and buy D-Wave Two (Read more).

2013 – Mike Lazaridis, co-founder of RIM/BlackBerry, founds the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) at the University of Waterloo (Canada) (Read more).

2013 – Microsoft establishes QuArc, a research group focused on quantum architecture and computing (Read more).

2014 – SK Telecom introduces its new quantum cryptography devices (Read more).

2014 – Y Combinator and some investment groups found Rigetti, a company focused on creating commercial quantum systems (Read more).

2015 – Barcelonaqbit (bqb) is created in CERN (Geneva, Switzerland). Bqb is the first think thank about quantum information and it is focused on the go-to-market and business of quantum computing and cryptography (Read more).

2015 – For the first time a conference about quantum computing is sponsored by multinational technology companies, such as Google and Lockheed Martin (Read more).

2015 – Antoni Massanell (VP of La Caixa) and Telefónica head APWG.eu, an European project about cybersecurity (Read more).

2015 – ATOS, a technology integration company, and ID Quantique sign an agreement to integrate their quantum cryptography devices (Read more).

2015 – Huawei announces a big investment to create the first technological center about quantum information.

2015 – IBM shows off a quantum computing chip (Read more).

2015 – Toshiba’s QKD system comes out on the market (Read more).

2015 – Google says it has proved its quantum computer really works (Read more).

2016 – Barcelonaqbit organizes the first international conference about quantum information and business in the Mobile World Congress (Read more).

2016 – Juan Ignacio Cirac joins the Telefónica Board of Directors (Read more and more).

2017 – Quantum World Association is founded at Barcelona with the support of international quantum companies. Official presentation at MWC.


To develop a quantum ecosystem connecting researchers, universities, companies  and private public institution.