Barcelona, 1 July 2018. – Two new members have joined the Quantum-for-Quants workgroup of the Quantum World Association (QWA), to help with the introduction and dissemination of Quantum Computing in the Quantitative Finance field.

Dr. Samuel Mugel is currently working as Chief Technical Adviser for The Quantum Revolution Fund, a VC investment fund which brings early financial support and expertise to disruptive projects in Quantum Technology. Prior to this, he co-founded Groundstate S.L, a consulting company which focused on catalyzing the uptake of quantum technologies by industry. He conducted his PhD in one of Europe’s leading groups in quantum simulation at ICFO (Spain) and the University of Southampton (UK). He was awarded a master in biophysics from the EPFL (Switzerland), and graduated from Edinburgh University (UK) with first class honors in physics.

Dr. Andrea Cadarso is currently working as a Quantitative Developer, Senior Analyst at BBVA Corporate & Investment Banking, dealing with the valuation of credit financial products and interest rates. Prior to this, she co-founded Biostatech S.L., a consulting company specialized in analyzing and solving statistical problems in Life Sciences. She started her professional life as a consultant for the European Commission Funding Schemes. Dr. Cadarso graduated in Mathematics from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, and conducted her PhD at the same university on the topic of Entanglement and Correlations in Quantum Many-Body Systems. She holds two MsC’s, in Quantitative Finance and in Statistics.

The Quantum-for-Quants Workgroup and the Quantum World Association make a call to all companies and individuals interested in this field to contact the Quantum-for-Quants Workgroup at Help us to bridge the gap between Quantum Computing and Finance.