SheQuantum, is a quantum E-Learning platform with the objective of connecting women to the young, intriguing field of Quantum Computing by facilitating quantum learning through webinars, online workshops and ultimately free and premium online courses, in addition to, publishing inspiring interviews of industry leaders & academic experts, career articles and resources available, thus promoting Quantum among women.

In the founder’s words – “Two things meaningfully matter to me in diverse ways – Quantum Computing and Women & I want to be instrumental in inspiring more women to take up quantum as their career path.” Planned Fall 2021, the online coursework will let women avail scholarships for the premium courses taught by leading, potential partner companies and experts from academia.  

Thus, SheQuantum builds a bridge between women and quantum computing by giving them the skills required to contribute back to this quantum community. SheQuantum aims to advocate the scope of this field, careers, the technicalities for beginners, intermediates and experts, thus attracting more already established women scientists in other fields and girls as young as the field of quantum itself, to “think quantum”.

SheQuantum Introduction video