The impact of quantum technologies in the financial market: cybersecurity, results improvement and crysis prevention. Next Thursday 02/28/2019 at 11.45 AM at stand of Mobile World Capital in the Mobile World Congress.

Oscar Sala, The Colider Director at Mobile World Capital
Quantum World Association-QWA President

«QWA/bqb New Projects»
Alfonso Rubio-Manzanares, barcelonaqbit-bqb President,
Entanglement Partners CEO

«The use of Quantum technology by supervisory authorities and financial institutions»
Eva Catarineu, DGII Microprudential Supervision, Head of Section,
European Centran Bank

«Challenges and opportunities of quantum technologies in the financial sector»
Rüdiger Schmidt, Banco Sabadell CIO

«Quantum Blockchain»
Montse Guardia, Quantum Blockchain Alliance President, ALASTRIA DG

ORGANIZE: barcelonaqbit, Observatorio de Tecnologías Cuánticas de España y Latinoamérica and Mobile World Capital Barcelona

COLLABORATE: Entanglement Partners, Accenture and Multiverse Computing.