The second quantum revolution opens the doors to a new wave of disruptive technologies that already have numerous potential applications: portfolio optimization and fraud detection in financial services, the process of protein folding and new medicine discoveries for healthcare, improved machine learning and even supply chain and purchasing management used in production.

More precisely, quantum computers will exploit these properties to solve some domain specific problems’ substantially faster than classical computers. Quantum communication networks will offer a new paradigm to protect users’ data in a much more secured way than current asymmetric crypto means. Finally, quantum sensors will allow improved measurement capabilities in various fields.

Understanding the nature of these innovations, their catalysts, the potential obstacles ahead and above all the opportunities and advances they bring, is essential for businesses that want to be the masters of their own destiny. Behind this complex and highly technical topic, there lies a powerful medium for innovation and transformation for businesses.

In this era of transformation, Quantum Business Europe will highlight the first use-cases and help create new collaborations. Next March 16th/17th, the new must-attend digital event will gather online 1000 attendees to learn about the advancements and business applications of quantum technologies. 

Beforehand the event, discover the first applications of Quantum Computing use-cases in key fields through 3 dedicated guides: 

Applications in chemistry and pharma 

Analysts often say that the chemical but also pharmaceutical industries are poised to be early beneficiaries of the vastly expanded computational capabilities of quantum computing.

The guide will help you identify hard computational problems are different steps of chemicals’ life cycle that are suitable for application onto a quantum computer.

Download the guide

Applications in finance and insurance 

As the world of finance is literally full of mathematical models, Quantum Computing may provide high opportunities in financial services.

Thanks to the guide you can identify mathematical problems of relevance to finance, insurance and risk management, and see how state of the art quantum algorithms could improve your capacity to solve these problems in a faster and more accurate way.

Download the guide 

Applications in transportation and energy 

From the simulation of traffics flows to smart grid optimization and network design…

Quantum computing is not only for financial services and the chemical industry.

Automotive industry, airline companies and energy providers can be early adopters of Quantum Computing… discover why and how!

Download the guide 

To get an in-dept overview of business applications of quantum technologies, join Quantum Business Europe the event that aims to empower the business community with the knowledge, skills and connections that they need to embark on the quantum revolution:

  • Learn in the conference program, with 50 expert speakers 
  • Meet with the industry’s top providers, with over 20 leading companies in a virtual exhibition 
  • Network with 1000 attendees, and find like-minded professionals 
  • Discover the current state of technologies and solutions in 30 Demo Sessions 

Get your Ticket Now to discover the first use cases, exchange ideas, and better understand all the challenges of this upcoming revolution!  

About Quantum Business Europe 

QUANTUM BUSINESS EUROPE is an event realized by Corp Agency, creator of high-level BtoB events. It is the meeting place dedicated to quantum applications and technologies in companies. It gives professionals from different sectors of activity an opportunity to learn, benchmark and exchange on the promising market of quantum. 

About CORP 

Organizer of high level exhibitions and conferences mainly in the field of new technologies, CORP designs, produces and manages every year more than ten major events in France, Canada and abroad, including: BIG DATA PARIS, BIG DATA TORONTO, AI PARIS, AI TORONTO, BLOCKCHAIN PARIS, DATAMARKETING, GAZELEC, SMART ENERGIES.  CORP proposes niche subjects, innovative and having an impact on their ecosystem.

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